Firestick Maintenance Tips

Did your fire stick freeze? Screen gone dark? Buffering and choppy video?
Here’s a few quick tips to help solve these issues.

Before powering off your television is a good habit to put your fire stick into sleep mode. Hold down on the home button on your remote till you see a popup screen, next select (SLEEP). This helps to clear the cache of the fire stick so its not running non stop even though your television is off.

If you’re having streaming quality issues the first thing is to check your internet connection speed. The quality of the stream is only as good as the quality of the internet signal your fire stick can access. From the main screen of the Mvizion application under the Live TV and TV Guide icons select settings, then speedtest. Select begin test, here you want to focus on download speeds, you should see a download speed close to the connect speed you pay for from your internet service provide or something close to it. For our Mvizion application to work at its optimal performance we recommend a download speed of 80mbps or higher. You download speeds are affected by the distance of your fire stick to your modem/wireless router. Just because your internet works doesn’t mean your connection speed is optimized for peak performance.

After seeing slow internet speeds a quick fix to this is power cycling your modem/wireless router. Again all electronic devices need a good power cycle frequently to continue optimal performance. If your internet speeds are still slowed drastically you can check with your internet service provider to refresh your signal.

If you’re having a connection issues or any kind of frozen screens/black screen issues a simple power cycle of your fire stick will fix most problems. This is due to the amount of memory in the fire stick. Just like a computer you leave running for days or weeks eventually you will have to reboot it due to slow and sluggish performance. The fire stick is a computer just a small computer.